Rules and Policies

Harassment – The festival is a welcoming space for all of Montreal’s diverse people. Therefore, all forms of harassment are strictly forbidden, be it against the organisers, volunteers, or players at the festival. Anyone committing harassment will be immediately ejected for the entire weekend, and possibly barred from future events. The festival also reserves the right to remove any sign or display that is deemed offensive. Offense and harassment include, but are not limited to, racism, sexism, and homophobia. If you have been the object of harassment, please notify an organiser at Reception who will help resolve the situation.

X-Cards – These will be present on each table again this year. If, for whatever reason, you feel uncomfortable during a game, put your hand on the card. The Game Master will immediately change the scene without asking questions, either by removing the troublesome element or by jumping directly to the next scene.

Accompanied minors – Draconis is a family-friendly event and we even have games intended specifically for children. However, any child 12 years of age or under must always be accompanied by an adult .

Personal effects – Draconis cannot be held responsible for any items that are lost, stolen, or broken during the festival. In the event of an explicit theft, please notify an organiser at Reception.

Drugs and alcohol – CEGEP du Vieux Montreal is an institution of public education, so consuming any kind of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.

Weapons – Any weapon or other dangerous object is forbidden during the festival. Any such items brought on the premises will be confiscated by the organisers and returned when the owner leaves. Any replica weapons must be inspected by an organiser before being allowed on the premises. Any objects deemed inappropriate for children must be kept concealed.

Sales – Without special permission, the selling of goods may only occur in the Dealers Area. Draconis is not responsible for the purchase or sale of any goods, including dealers and the Garage Sale. All transactions are the responsibility of the parties directly involved.

Confidentiality – At Registration, you will be asked a few questions. You are absolutely free to answer or not answer. All responses collected will be used to study the demographics of our clientele. The results will also be shared anonymously in statistical form with Montreal Joue to measure the success of the event. No other use will be made of the data.