Registration – When you first arrive, and when you return each day, we ask that you present yourself at the Reception desk to answer a few questions and pick up a ticket for our raffle. The questions are purely demographic and will be used anonymously to better understand our clientele; the results will not be used outside of Draconis and Montreal Joue. Obviously, the more people we can tell Montreal Joue that participated, the more likely the festival is to return next year.

Raffle – There will be two drawings during the festival, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, with prizes donated by our sponsors. Tickets for the raffle will be given at Registration upon your arrival. Tickets distributed on Friday will be eligible for the draw on Saturday. Only tickets distributed on Sunday will be eligible for the Sunday draw. If you can’t be present for the draw, you may leave your ticket and contact information at Reception and we will notify you if you won anything. In appreciation for the efforts of our Game Masters, they will be given an additional ticket for each block of four hours of games that they run.

Donation Box – While Montreal Joue provides the venue to us for free (for which we thank them immensely!), the operation of such a festival still requires certain investments in time and money. If you would like to encourage the event, there will be a donation box at the Reception desk where you can give whatever amount you like, on a completely voluntary basis.