This year, three discussion panels will be presented in a room connected to the main game room. They will also be recorded for those who wish to watch them online at a later date.

Panel #1: Creation and Publication of Role Playing Games in Quebec

Saturday, March 2nd
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Have you ever wondered what is required to create a role playing game? Have you ever thought about publishing your own gaming material? Then this panel is for you. Several local creators will discuss their experiences writing and publishing game material in the local market. There will also be a creator who has work with several French publishers, who will discuss international issues.

The panel members are:

  • Philippe Gamache (aka. Le Gnome Archiviste), co-author of the games LVL0 and Bamboo ‘n Bones and member of Les Aventureux
  • Daniel Bonin, author of the game Les Terres d’Amarandes
  • Francois-Michael Labrie and Estelle Boudreau, co-authors of the system Genedusk
  • Cynthia Pelletier, Marie-Claude Pellerin, and Chloe Sincerny of Obsession Studios and co-authors of the game Seekers of a New Age
  • Christophe Breyesse of Red Pill Games, author of the game Omniscience, and member of Les Aventureux
  • Jocelyn Brisebois, Martin Hebert, Sebastien P. Langley, and Martin Destroismaisons of Windrose Productions and creators of the game Courant Fractal
  • Thomas Robert, long time collaborator of several French publishers

Panel #2: Still Fresh After all this Time: How to Keep your Group Motivated and your Campaign Interesting

Saturday, March 2nd
2:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

Keeping an RPG group happy and stable during a campaign that runs many years can be a very difficult challenge. Players and GMs can grow tired or bored of the story and lose interest – this is how many gaming groups meet their tragic demise. This panel will discuss ways to keep your group united and motivated so that the campaign can last for many years.

Emilie Paquin is finishing her Master’s degree in communication in games. Her thesis work studied personal dynamics in role playing game groups, focusing on groups that played together for many years. She will discuss the techniques she observed such groups using to maintain the interest of the game master and the players.

Stephane Theriault has been a gamer for 28 years and game master of long-term campaigns for 15 years. He will discuss the tricks and tools that he’s used to keep his campaigns interesting and to ride out the shifts in player group composition that will inevitably occur.

Panel #3: Diversity in Role Playing Games

Sunday, March 3rd
12:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

Tabletop gaming has long been a man’s domain. However, in recent years, the player community has become a lot more diverse. This transition has certainly been bumpy, and there are still many barriers to entry for certain people interested in the hobby.

The members of this panel have a diverse range of experiences. They will present these experiences as they relate to gaming, and they will suggest solutions to the problems that they have faced.