Once again, we’re welcoming many merchants who will offer their gaming goods and services to us. Between games or during lunch, please see what they have to offer!

The Merchants Hall is at the east end of the gaming room, or on your right as you enter the convention space. Merchants confirmed to be there are:

Jérôme Pilon will be selling products in leather and wood, including books, dice towers, and other objects of gaming or medieval bent.

Israël Ducharme sells vintage used gaming books and figurines.

Patrick Girard sells a variety of books, comics, DVDs and Blu-Rays.

Hero Creations offers goods and services in 2D and 3D printing, including custom made map tiles and costume accessories.

L’Abyss, a game store near Saint-Michel Metro, will be there selling role playing games and related products.

We thank all the merchants for their support!